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March against Brexit on 23 June in London with Exeter Liberal Democrats

June 10, 2018 8:01 PM
By James Dart

Anti Brexit March - London - 23 June 2018

Are you wondering what's happening with Brexit? 🤨

Are you angry that major promises have been cynically reneged on?? 😡

Are you feeling fatigued by BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT??? 😵

Us too!

This Conservative government are a shambles from top to bottom, hopelessly divided and out of their depth. What's more they are taking the British public for fools!

For two years they have hidden behind their allies in the press, whilst giving us nothing but 'Brexit means Brexit' and 'we'll have a red, white and blue Brexit'.

Worst still, when Theresa May finally addressed the people in her Lancaster House speech earlier this year, she once again sought to insult our intelligence with vague, unrealistic cakeism, instead of laying out precisely which version of Brexit she and her government were looking to pursue!

Not. Good. Enough.

Well, we have had enough! That is why on June 23rd, Exeter Liberal Democrats will be joining tens of thousands of others from all across the UK (and the world) to protest their incompetence and to demand a 'People's Say' on the final deal. By putting the decision back to the people, we will finally be able to vote on the FACTS, knowing precisely what the new relationship will look like and rejecting it if we so wish.

If you, like us, think Brexit is THE most important issue facing this country since the Second World War, then join us on Saturday 23rd June as we fight to take back control of our futures and to safeguard peace, prosperity and security for our children!

Devon for Europe coaches will be leaving Exeter at 7am on 23rd June. There are still a number of places available, but we are told that they are filling up fast.

Book your tickets here:…

We look forward to catching up with you then!